Who we are

Betel is Spanish for Bethel (meaning House of God)
and a ministry of WEC International.

Betel is a unique international church-planting ministry dedicated to
harmonizing church life, residential living and charitable
businesses to restore socially disadvantaged
people and their families to productive, independent lifes

Our residences  host free of charge more than 2,300 men and women in over 100 cities in more than 20 countries  in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australia.

 Since taking in our first man from the streets in
Madrid in 1985, we have helped tens of thousands of
desperate homeless and drug and alcohol-dependent people.

In Betel, we place emphasis on the restoration of the
personality through the Gospel. Our residences are drug,
alcohol and tobacco-free as well as free of charge.
We are dedicated to continue offering hope and
hospitality to the world’s neediest men and women
For further information on Betel’s history and ministry please click here.

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